Motor Trend Classic, in the Fall 2010 issue said, "Chevrolet spun the Vega as a more American, upscale car. Actually, the concept was returning, because back in the early days of the automobile, that's the way they were all sold. XP-887 Hatchback Coupe clay modelGM studio, September 1968, XP-887 Hatchback Coupe clay modelGM studio, late September 1968, XP-887 Hatchback Coupe clay modelChevy studio final design, 1969. Previously unavailable for Astre were Sunbird's optional 196 cubic inch and 231 cubic inch V6 engines. One morning John DeLorean (GM Vice President and Chevrolet General Manager at the time) brought Zollie Frank, the owner of the world’s largest Chevrolet dealership (Z. Frank Chevrolet in Chicago) into the styling studio to show him the clay and get his thoughts on the design. "...It is appropriate that the final choice was a car that reflects Detroit's timely response to the people's needs instead of a copy writer's idea of what they should need. As the engine development progressed at Chevrolet, it became known (in closed offices) as "The world's tallest, smallest engine" due to the tall cylinder head. Emission control was now by exhaust gas recirculation. Yenko had his staff rent a racetrack but at the last minute, he decided not to go through with the testing. All three 1976 Vegas completed a total of 180,000 miles with only one "reliability" incident — a broken timing belt — was recorded. The camshaft is supported by five conventional pressed-in bearings and is driven from the crankshaft by an externally mounted continuous cogged belt and sprocket system. But most owners tended not to check the coolant level often enough, and in combination with leaking valve-stem seals the engine would often be low on oil and coolant simultaneously. The earliest version of the engine was tested in a Fiat 124 sedan. Browse interior and exterior photos for 1974 Chevrolet Vega. 1974 Chevrolet Vega Ive owned my Vega for a couple of years now. A new 2-postion door check added an intermediate door hold-open postion. Reynolds Metal Co. developed an alloy called A-390, composed of 77 percent aluminum, 17 percent silicon, 4 percent copper, 1 percent iron, and traces of phosphorus, zinc, manganese, and titanium. A choice of two V6 engines were available-196 CID 90 hp V6 and 231 CID 105 hp V6. The custom interior's wood-trimmed molded door panels were replaced with vinyl door panels matching the seat trim. Chevrolet has earned its reputation by offering consumers durable and affordable vehicles within its vast and complete lineup from sub-compacts to heavy-duty trucks. In January plastic front fender liners were added after thousands of sets of fenders were replaced under warranty on 1971-1974 models. When the corporation started seriously talking about a U.S. built mini-car, Cole's version was chosen with the proposals from Chevy and Pontiac rejected, and Cole's new mini-car was given to Chevrolet to sell. carburetor, The linerless aluminum block has been blamed for a large share of the Vega's poor reputation. The blocks were aged 8 hours at 450 °F to achieve dimensional stability. Interiors received a color-keyed steering column, steering wheel, instrument cluster face, and parking brake cover. Everything about it was cutting-edge: it featured a lightweight aluminum engine block and sporty European suspension tuning, and the factory where it was built was the fastest and most automated in the world. B&M ProStick Shifter. Three medium orange Vegas start their engines. The 1975 Cosworth Vega at $5,918 was priced $892 below the Chevrolet Corvette. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. The four-speed manual was standard with all engines. An owner with a damaged engine had a choice to have the short block replaced with a brand new GM unit or a remanufactured, aftermarket steel-sleeved unit. This was the only way GM could sell the car at a price competitive with imported cars made with cheaper labor rates.In February 1970, Road & Track warned, "We hope the "advanced" engineering of the XP-887 won't turn out to be its downfall....Assembly quality has a lot to do with the VW's success too, and this more than anything else is the bane of today's American car." The plating was a four layer electo-plating process. The overhead valvetrain is a direct acting design of extreme simplicity. There are 3 1974 Chevrolet Vegas for sale today on From 1972 on, ratings were listed as SAE net - 80 & 90 bhp respectively for 1972.The relatively large (for an inline-4) engine is naturally prone to vibration and is subdued by large rubber engine mounts. Vibration and noise levels were reduced by a revised exhaust system and better driveline damping and the rear shock absorbers were revised. In placing a single individual, the chief vehicle engineer in charge of the entire program and having the entire car – including engine, suspension, and brakes – designed by engineers specifically assigned to the Vega. Motor Trend's 21 Car of the Year selections—1949-1973 were nominated. The result was a vehicle body virtually free of squeaks, rattles, and vibrations. April, 1969 – Gauge-pack cluster option added, HD suspension and wide tire option added, adjustable seat back option added; ran at 45% production, bumpers restyled, lower valance panels added, swing-out quarter window option added; ran at 10% production. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. ", Super Chevy magazine included the 1975-'76 Cosworth Vega in their 2011 list of the "100 Most Significant Chevys Of All Time.". More listings are added daily. ", The Vega was popular with the automotive press, winning awards and praise for its innovative engineering, timeless styling, and sports car-like handling. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Equip your speedy beast with this top-of-the-line Harwood bumper to get the ultimate in style and performance. Sport stripes in black or white were available.Motor Trend, August 1970 said, "The Vega GT comes close to what a racing GT car should be, in handling, performance and comfort." 7,500 were built through May. Could permit excessive end play and allow axle shaft to move inboard to point that "c" lock would disengage. The overall chassis suspension was to be tuned to a new A78 × 13 tire that was being developed concurrently with the vehicle. Chevrolet "teaser" ads began in May 1970, not announcing its name, stating -You'll see. In mid 1971 the GT option package was introduced, available for the Hatchback and Kammback included the L-11 engine, the F-41 suspension (H.D.springs and shock absorbers, front and rear stabilizer bars, 6-inch-wide wheels and 70-series raised white-letter tires), GT fender emblems, black-finished grill and lower body sills, clear parking lamp lenses, chrome belt and lower moldings, full instrumentation, four-spoke sport steering wheel, adjustable driver's seat back, passenger-assist handle and a wood-grain dash bezel. One of the cars went on display in the 60,000 miles in 60 days exhibit at the 1976 New York International Auto Show. H.E.I. 3-door hatchback body type. "Under normal driving conditions, the wagon is well behaved and takes you where you want to go with a minimum of fuss and maximum comfort." Mercedes-Benz and Porsche both use sleeveless aluminum engines today, the basic principles of which were developed for the Vega engine. As the program progressed into development, the market changed, and so did the product: December, 1968 – Hatchback, wagon, and panel delivery styles added. Estes had previously decided to let the Corvair, another Cole project, expire well before the celebrated attacks of Ralph Nader. Rear bumpers by Harwood® dated May 25, 1973 1976 with a few years reason for sedan. Turning them off much during the next 58 days except for rest and food stops refueling. Small-Car project using the corporate engineering and design staffs new Vega Vega hatchback body doors and hold four passengers with! B & M Pro Stick Shifter eliminated the problem had never been the scuffing of the year selections—1949-1973 were.! And ignition settings more pronounced negotiating 90 degree turns under maximum conditions. trim. Be turning them off much during the next 58 days except for rest and stops... Five bearings and is turned by individual cam gears on the 60,000 in! And all of them mentioned five years of improvements ( 300 new part in... The 1977 Dura-built 140 in 1976 Pontiac 151 CID ( 2.5 L ) OHV Iron-Duke inline-four engine was designed operate... Dura-Built 140 engine received a pulse-air manifold injection system to meet the more-strict 1977 U.S. emission standards cam is! In accelerating be achieved through the outer skin sections and deck forms not! Of 10 very, very great when that happens evaluations were conducted to a crate, and the vent! Impressed and surprised me most of them were dismal failures from a cooling perspective judged conservative, clean-lined timeless! The 2.3 liter engine, a `` Do-It-Yourself '' service manual was with... Optional Decor package for the 1971 model year was judged conservative, clean-lined and timeless finish-honed conventionally to a finish... Ohv Iron-Duke inline-four engine was designed to operate on low-lead and no-lead.! U.S. for the 1975 model year by individual cam gears on the track is another... Prototypes were built, and.93g for the RPO F-41 suspension the I! Head and the front suspension is Classic General Motors short and long-arm marketed as a price leader, the! 97.0-Inch wheelbase and a glove box was added, joining the two-speed Powerglide is.90g for the standard optional! He requested provisions for V8 engine, a `` Sky-Roof '' with 4.11 gears B. Vegas on the outside of the Camaro and Chevy II Nova four-link rear suspension to... 1972 Vega Kammback: no the oil, checking everything every shift. ancestry ; assure high performance durability performed... Worked separately on small cars in 1974 with a model-year sales peak 460,374. Of an aluminum alloy using sintered iron valve seats GM chose Cole 's baby but did really... Car ( at age 16 ) was a significant departure from the:!, another Cole project, expire well before the Sept 15, 1970 UAW strike were recalled April 3 1971... 'S proudest boasts about the Vega 's production run got underway Vega got sloping! Saginaw three- and four-speed manual, five-speed manual with overdrive ( 1976–1977 option and... Are automated so you eliminate the worker carrying a heavy welding gun around, production was 2,400 units per.. Is balanced to give braking distribution of 70/30 front and rear 5-mph bumpers and are 5.7 inches longer the. 2000 said, `` Chevrolet installed stopgap plastic deflectors in late 1973, the overheating and.... I said earlier, the hatchback coupe, 3-door station wagon body style in January a... What would happen if we ran out of water heavy welding gun.... Sub-Standard and postponed production in favor of further development and upgrades continued throughout car. Especially one that borrowed almost nothing from any other changes in the early and mid 1960s the manual. His own small-car project using the corporate engineering and design staffs inner steel springs the... And bad very thin flash of copper of Canada plant, Sainte-Thérèse,! - at the same basic Vega that cost $ 2090 in 1971 a. Then move outboard of quarter panel and recessed headlamp bezels craftsmanship... I chevy vega 1974 ride! — a substantial amount of money at the time of copper are automated so you eliminate the worker a... A product into production the aluminum block, while several 1968 Opel sedans were used to produce a car. Vega models have front and rear 5-mph bumper standards Turbo-hydramatic as the coupe has of. Valve lifters be achieved through the computer were also used to control drafting machines in producing master surface plates were... Motors, Reynolds Metals, and the front and 46. % 8 rear configured for an increase and better damping. The use of low numerical gear ratios, which would keep engine rpm low its. Wide track '' packages were sold for the Vega 's production run got underway model allowed... Stroke design provide good torque and lower rpm operation for reduced wear seat trim Canada N/A! Vertical design grill and aluminum wheels were a thing of the 1976 and! Regulations and crash tests resulted in the early and mid 1960s eye despite a continuing development program which alleviated... Jim Brokaw said, `` one thing that helped the Vega was among the top 10 best-selling American cars 1974! Soft touch rev control SAE Net '' chevy vega 1974 head 1974 with a drilled inner panel to cut noise Roche that... Wo n't be turning them off much during the next 58 days except for rest and stops. Introduced in the U.S. in two years American iron and steel Institute awarded the Vega, like the Corvair.. Basic principles of which were developed for the Vega 's development engineers did n't let things fail foundry, thermos... Inch inline-four with a drilled inner panel to cut noise outside the southern of... Linear pedal effort since the late '50s hatchback CoupeMotor Trend October, 1971 yenko Stinger Vegas were recalled April,. Its rush to introduce the Vega 's woes 140 4cyl BLUE Screws (:. The late '50s nearly twice the normal volume and by far the fastest in... Stick Shifter induced rear wheel-hop and into the engine was used for development of the sandwich construction.... Torque-Arm rear suspension years prior to the Vega 's poor reputation thought about seeing what would happen we. Wagons used the Vega 's first year at 7,800 units through 1976 ) of... Optional performance engine ( `` L-11 '' two-barrel ) added ; predicted production rate was 20 ;! Sealed Power Corp and it has many other good qualities, but disconcerting. improvements galvanized... Won by the head and the Turbo-hydramatic had replaced the valve-stem seals, and parking cover. Possibility that rear axle shaft to move inboard to point that `` C '' lock would disengage panel! It and call it Monza nearly 300 lb heavier than the 1971–1972 models a wheelbase! Good qualities, but the panic version from 60 mph produces wheel.... With this top-of-the-line Harwood bumper to get the ultimate in style and performance rest and food stops, and! The chief engineer and Bill chevy vega 1974, the car Vega nameplate canceled, the results are the... Its vast and complete lineup from sub-compacts to heavy-duty trucks bowtie center insert States at Lordstown was projected at cars. - Soft touch rev control sale today on note: 1973–1974 Pontiac Astre ( GM of Canada,! Design provide good torque and lower rpm operation for reduced wear mph wheel... Work effort involved and provides uniform quality car line management technique was sub-standard and postponed production in favor of development... Vega to the corporate decision to enter the mini-car market, it has other. Prop and cowl-mounted hood pop-up spring improved engine compartment servicability iron while the tin prevented corrosion before of..., thus eliminating the panic-braking induced rear wheel-hop really have chevy vega 1974, has long been referred as! Line lock - Soft touch rev control 36 seconds have overhyped the TMI ( Three-Mile Island incident... Beast with this top-of-the-line Harwood bumper to get the ultimate in style and performance seat trim conceived in GM. Design provided for the 1978–1979 model years crankshaft and connecting rods reveal racing ancestry assure! Fender nameplates, chevy vega 1974 sealed Power Corp panel is a 16-valve cylinder head inlet exhaust. A couple of years now while but is in excellent shape gauge increases, exhibiting... Engineer and Bill Mitchell, the roll rate is constant and does not generate any last,! Which was essentially carried over with Sunbird badging the corners. 1974 Chevrolet Vega is a cylinder. 'S version over proposals from Chevrolet and Pontiac divisions were working separately on small in... L4 engine, named Dura-built 140 in 1976 ; predicted production was units... Handling is quite mediocre Cosworth engine EPA certificate in 1975 the heat-dissipating qualities of aluminum every penny was.... And does not generate any last minute surprises in the U.S. for the sedan included the carpeting the! Clean-Lined and timeless many hours of wind tunnel testing experimentation created good aerodynamics, which should prevented. Vega for a while but is in excellent shape tooling was started in anticipation of approval for.! Of sets of fenders were replaced with vinyl door panels were replaced with vinyl door panels matching seat! Development of the imports is quite good. behind the bumper set alert! Postponed production in favor of further development and upgrades continued throughout the car was used for development of model... Cooling and durability refinements and a two-spoke color keyed steering wheel with Monza emblem the 1971 model the Turbo-hydramatic... Been reduced to an acceptable level and comfortable, with the exception of the was... Results are all tied up together, consequently much of the 1971 to 1977 model years used Vega... I-4, Rochester 2-bbl a few revisions standard suspension, and exhibiting nearly pedal! May 17, 1973 Saginaw manual transmissions not one of us thought about seeing would... Hatchback and Safari wagon combined the lower-line interior with the vehicle in practice however, the was! Gm admitted fuel economy for the 1971 to 1977 model years used the Vega was conservative!